4 Good Reasons to Buy Handmade
April 22, 2020 · Conscious Living

4 Awesome Reasons to Buy Handmade

Why buying handmade is good for the soul.


There’s something about buying a handmade item that conjures memories of an older time. A time when blacksmiths would work at their forge amidst sweat and steel; when artists would spend hours applying paint to the canvas; and when dressmakers would hand-stitch each garment with the softest of fabrics. 

These days, with the rise of mass production and ease of buying online, it’s easy to forget the simple joys of buying handmade. However, whether you’re choosing a new outfit, an item for your house or gift for a loved one, selecting a handmade product can create memories that are so much more meaningful than buying off the rack.


Buying handmade is good for the earth 

Currently, the industry of mass production is having massive impacts on our environment. Because many products are made in factories and large warehouses, an enormous amount of resources (think: energy, water, coal, land, and gas) are going towards fueling the creation of products - many of which end up in the landfill. 

When you buy handmade, however, you’re usually supporting the work of a small craft studio or workshop which has a minimal impact on the environment. Instead of buying mass-produced items, each purchase you make is a one-off, made in small batches or in limited runs, therefore creating far less wastage.


You’re supporting local artisans

Did you know that 40 million people work in the garment industry today? What’s more, 85% of these workers are women who are doing their best to support their children and families. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep production costs as low as possible, many of these people are not receiving a fair wage. Mental and physical abuse are extremely common, while the use of unsafe production practices and hazardous substances are the norm.

Supporting local artisans not only ensures that each craftsperson gets a larger (and fairer) proportion of their profits, thereby supporting the local economy, but also keeps these skills alive. By investing in handmade products, you’re ensuring the continuation of traditional and ancient methods of production, which in return create demand for these skills and jobs for the next generation.


Handmade products stand the test of time

Have you found that a lot of the things you buy these days tend to break within a few months? Whether it’s toy, clothing or accessories, it just seems like the workmanship isn’t up to scratch. Plastic parts break off, threads and hems come undone, and you’re back at square one trying to find a new product. 

Another benefit of buying handmade is that handcrafted items are made to last. While the price tag might be a little higher, you’re paying a premium for materials that have been carefully chosen to stand the test of time, and skilled techniques from an experienced craftsperson. What’s more, when buying handmade goods, you often have the option of customizing your purchase since you’re dealing with the creator directly. This means you can tweak the item to suit your needs perfectly, letting you use it happily for years to come.


Every item is filled with meaning

As opposed to mass-produced items that can easily be bought off the shelf, handmade items tend to come infused with a wealth of history, meaning, and significance. For example, a necklace might be based on the jeweller’s love of Egyptian mythology and draw upon ancient symbolism. That set of napkins may have been woven by a woman in India who is using the earnings to put her children through school.  The vase that sits on your mantelpiece might be handblown by a Spanish artisan who learned the trade from his father.


Every single item has its own story, as does the person who created it - and this richness of meaning results in a product that’s beautiful, unique, and unlike any other. 


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4 Awesome Reasons to Buy Handmade

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