DIPP Inflation Guide

Ready to pump it up? Follow these 10 easy steps ...

  1. Open up your entire DIPP pool on a flat surface - clear of anything that could damage or pop it
  1. Make sure both valves are open on each ring
  1. Using your complimentary DIPP electric pump, begin inflation of the bottom ring by inserting the skinniest pump nozzle into the first opening of valve and turn on pump. 

WARNING: When using your electric pump, make sure that there is no water already inside or around your pool to prevent electrocution. Make sure the cord is free of tangles and has a clear run straight to the nozzle

  1. Quickly secure the one way valve by pushing it inwards securing both valves together until airtight
  1. Using the pump, or your mouth, add an extra bit of air until the ring is at its desired inflation. As you inflate, stretch the pool out to get air into the creases. Do not over-inflate. This will cause unnecessary strain on the seams and set off early leaks
  1. Finally close off the valve using the flap plug and insert the valve into the pool by pushing it inwards
  1. Repeat this process to the top ring. Your DIPP may not be perfectly round straight away but this is OK. The water and sun will round it out in no time
  1. Make sure your pool is clear of any electrical hazards
  1. Check that the drain plug is plugged into the pool's base correctly and begin adding fresh water

WARNING: Fill with no more than 30cm of water (overfilling your pool can result in safety issues, damage to your pool and property). Check with your local council around pool regulations

  1. Get in your DIPP and unwind

Please remember that only adults should assemble DIPP pools

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