Audi E-Tron x Nash+Banks
March 24, 2023 · Environment · People

Audi E-Tron x Nash+Banks

We had the great pleasure of being Audi ambassador, Emma Jarman's favourite sustainable shopping stop-off when she took Audi's all-electric e-tron S on a day-trip drive from the city to Palm Beach... 

Like many of us, Emma Jarman, Communications Director at Commas, strives to be responsible in the way she lives. She recently took a drive in Audi's all-electric e-tron to her favourite spots to dine on local produce, shop sustainably, and explore her 'backyard'. We loved that she chose to drop in to Nash + Banks to do a spot of stylish sustainable shopping.

"A beautiful day spent mindfully exploring the edge of my city. There’s so may ways we can be more responsible in the way we live, and it’s all about making better choices where we can; whether it’s the food we eat, where we shop, or the car we choose to drive," says Emma, summing up the trip.

Here's how Emma's day trip panned out... 

attitude alignment

Our values align perfectly with Audi's vision for the future. We also believe that change can be achieved by questioning conventional thinking and adopting innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Audi's dedication to leveraging their expertise and innovation to design more sustainable cars and deliver meaningful experiences that enrich and fulfill is inspiring. They understand that technology and humanity can work together to create a better world. This aligns perfectly with Nash + Banks’ core values, which are focused on driving sustainable change through innovative solutions and choices that benefit both people and the planet.

We are excited to see Audi leading the way towards a more promising and fulfilling future. 

liked-minded mentors

When innovation is led by multi-faceted design collaboration and reimagining ways to utilise production waste, our practices can evolve and push the boundaries of performance. These Audi ambassadors are doing just that, scroll to read about their future-forward beliefs...

Kit Willow - founder and creative director of KitX

Putting sustainability into practice is a significant challenge, especially in industries like fashion that are deeply entrenched in traditional practices and ways of thinking. However, Kit Willow has proven to be a true agent of change. With over two decades of experience in fashion, her brand is renowned for its ethical and eco-friendly approach to design, putting environmental consciousness at the forefront of every decision.

Through her innovative Future From Waste Lab, Kit Willow is leading the charge towards a more sustainable fashion industry. The lab is paving the way for brands to play an active role in solving the waste problem by exploring new and innovative ways to repurpose discarded materials. At the lab, pre-loved garments are given a new life through a circular process that includes washing, redesigning, selling, and shipping, all under one roof. This approach sets a new standard for sustainable fashion and serves as a blueprint for other brands to follow.

Madeleine Madden - actress and climate activist

Madeline has a deep and unwavering dedication to sustainability, which she attributes to her First Nations heritage. As she explains, "For First Nations people, caring for our environment sustainably is the fabric of who we are. Country is so much more than just the earth, the sky, the sea. It's a living entity that we have a responsibility to protect for future generations."

Madeline's drive to effect change was inspired by her grandfather, Charlie Perkins, and his lifelong commitment to progress. "I come from a generation of people who have fought for progress their entire lives," she says. "And when I look around, the world's never been more in need of it."

Hayden Cox - surfboard shaper

Since 1997, Hayden has been honing his craft of board shaping, always striving to design smarter, re-engineer when possible, and build better. This approach has been instrumental in the brand's success today.

Hayden's deep connection to nature through surfing has taught him the importance of being mindful of various factors such as tides, currents, and wind when catching waves and improving performance in the water. He applies the same philosophy to his business, emphasizing innovation and sustainability in his design and production processes. As a result, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and accelerating progress in these areas.

Stephanie Gilmore - eight-time world surfing champion and environmend advocate

Stephanie's love for the water is well-known, but her passion for the environment and our shared responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations is equally strong. She understands the impact that every individual has on the environment and the importance of minimizing that impact in our daily lives.

Partnering with a brand that is dedicated to developing sustainable mobility solutions aligns perfectly with Stephanie's personal philosophy and her commitment to a sustainable future. As a global ambassador for Audi and the e-tron, Stephanie is enthusiastic about the future and what it holds for sustainable transportation.

Click here to find out more about Audi's e-tron and here to start shopping sustainably in style.


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Audi E-Tron x Nash+Banks

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