ROCC Naturals

When we think about game-changing designs, few people would consider the humble toothpaste. However, ROCC Naturals was founded with a rebellious spirit and drive to do things differently; to do them better. And that’s how Australia’s first biodegradable toothpaste was created.

Designed for whole mouth health, ROCC’s toothpaste is vegan-certified and packed with all-natural ingredients like peppermint oil, xanthan gum and calcium carbonate. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free certified.

ROCC Naturals been thoughtfully designed for maximum results with minimal impact on the earth, and every element of this product is recyclable and sustainably sourced. The best part? Unlike traditional toothpaste tubes that take over 500 years to decompose, ROCC’s game-changing tube breaks down in landfill in just 6-10 years! The cherry on top? It does not turn into microplastics.

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