Clutch 4 Humankind

Taught to be adventurous by her mum, Alex Jeffries and her sister once set off on their bicycles across Northern Africa, cycling unsupported across the Sahara Desert and through countries they’d never heard of. From a young age, Alex was deeply aware that not everyone has the same start in life and, travelling the world, found it hard not to notice how little others had.

Clutch for Humankind was created in 2020 after Alex, seeking a creative outlet, pulled out her sewing machine and became obsessed with capturing the beauty of street murals and graffiti and printing them onto silk.

These days, Clutch for Humankind prints images onto ethically sourced linen cotton with zero wastewater to avoid polluting our waterways, and the distinctive bags are made by a seamstress in Sydney whose eye for beautiful detail was shaped through Haute Couture training in Paris.

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