Winter-proof your beauty routine
July 12, 2022 · Beauty · Conscious Living

Winter-proof your beauty routine

Winter is harsh... the weather, air con, heaters, hot showers all ravage your skin making it look dull, dry and tired. Don’t panic. Here's how you can update your skincare strategies and sustainable products so your skin will radiate a youthful glow…


Seasonal Beauty Changes

SWITCH TO SHOWERS: Long hot baths and showers strip natural oils from the skin so take quick, luke warm showers instead. They help keep good moisture balance in the skin.

DRINK UP: During the colder months we tend to reduce our water intake and replace it with comforting hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It’s when the water level in the skin drops by ten percent that it becomes dry, itchy and flaky. Remembering to drink one to two litres of water a day will keep skin hydrated and flake-free.

ADD SUPPLEMENTS: Evening Primrose Oil is a great supplement to take, and use on your face, as it contains an essential fatty acid that strengthens skin cells and boosts moisture content. You can also add a drop of Vitamin E oil from a capsule to your moisturiser before applying. This gives the skin an extra hydrating boost and protects its natural oil balance.

EAT MORE NUTS AND SEEDS: Also try adding a variety of nuts and seeds to your diet as they contain essential fatty acids that support skin health. Unrefined, cold-pressed flax seed oil used daily on salads and baked potatoes will also make dry skin moist and supple.

Skincare Strategies

EXFOLIATE: First exfoliate away dead skin cells – this helps cell renewal and stimulates blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also allows for better absorption of moisturisers, which makes them more effective.

HYDRATE: Moisturising is a given, but the trick is to apply your moisturiser just after the shower while the skin is still a little damp – that way it traps the moisture still on your skin.

UPDATE YOUR SKINCARE: If you're having to apply a moisturiser during the day it is likely your skin routine needs tweaking. If you're using a lotion, try swapping it for an oil moisturiser and massage it into your skin for 30 seconds to maximise its effects.

Niccii's Top 5 Sustainable Beauty Brands 

HARLO - Australian Made Pure and Natural Beauty Products that were created with the intent to transform spaces and daily rituals into those that enhance, inspire and influence people’s lives and well-being. "I use their Intensive Face Oil and Body Oil daily and swear by them. A few drops of the Body Oil on damp skin after a shower keeps your skin beautifully hydrated and soft all day."  CLICK HERE to shop

BIODE - "The founder’s philosophy is ‘from the Earth, to the Earth’, so all of her Australian Made, Natural products are nourishing and nurturing and packaged in compostable wrapping. The Lip Balms have been a game changer this winter! I carry one with me at all times, and we have a big bowl of them in the store for all of our customers who know and love them."  CLICK HERE to shop

CANNABELLA HEMP JELLY - "I was given a sample of this recently and used it on a huge graze I had on my face after an accident. It cleared it up magically in a few days. The brothers behind this brand designed the products to help their mum when she was suffering from the harsh side effects of chemotherapy. It really is a magical jelly that can be used as anything from an overnight mask, to lip balm, to cleansing balm, or to heal sunburn, skin rashes or grazes." Available in-store.

VÁHY - "Their synthetic free, natural fragrances are stunning and a joy to wear (especially if you can’t wear synthetic fragrances, like me!) plus their home diffusers are next level. My go-to scent is Ember Haze, but I have a feeling that Neon Neroli will become a firm favourite in Spring and Summer"  CLICK HERE to shop 

NUEBAR - "Handmade with love, these gorgeous non-soap bars contain organically certified concentrated and pH balanced ingredients and come free from any plastic packaging. If you're looking for a delicious exfoliating bar that is gentle on your skin, I highly recommend their Coffee Body Exfoliating Bar. " CLICK HERE to shop

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Winter-proof your beauty routine

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