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May 24, 2022 · Events · News

Meet the Makers: Whisky and Leather Event

We proudly invite you to a sensory evening with Stefanie Schöninger from Atelier Stefani and Ross Blainey from The Balvenie. Meet these master makers and discover the crafts of whisky and artisan shoe making at this exclusive Nash + Banks event...


Nash + Banks champions artisans, conscious brands and makers in this series of exclusive events in our Avalon Flagship store.

Please join us for:
Whisky Tasting
Made-to-Measure Shoe Service
Personalised Leather Goods
Exclusive Discounts and more

Shop 1, 55 Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon


about Atelier Stefani X The Balvenie

The Atelier Stefani X The Balvenie collaboration celebrates ultimate craftsmanship and brings to life the skill, heart and storytelling that goes into each creation. It is a piece of art that stands for a true testament to both crafts.

By diving deep into the traditional art of shoemaking and creating a bridge between the old and new, a unique world emerges with The Balvenie Boot which is made by heart and crafted with character.

Through this collaboration, Atelier Stefani brings to life boots that are inspired by the characteristics and history of The Balvenie as well as the people that form its culture. This design was created with attention to detail, including several leather engravings, such as a barley stalk hidden on the inner shoe and a quote from a poem written by Robbie Gormley, who was The Balvenie’s malt man for over 45 years. “We’ve heard you tell stories about us two” leaves room for the wearer’s interpretation and refers to something that The Balvenie and Atelier Stefani appreciate very much – creating experiences and memories that are worth to remember.

ABOUT ATELIER STEFANI: German-born Stefanie Schöninger - of Atelier Stefani -  is an artisan shoemaker who creates pieces of art that last a lifetime. These are products for individualists, innovators, thinkers, makers and those who are too gentle to live among wolves. With each shoe taking 40-90 hours to create, she imbues her emotions and energy into every stitch, infusing them with the passion of a true artist. It’s a time-consuming process, but one that Stefanie pours her heart and soul into. By transforming ancient traditions into modern craftsmanship, she hopes to create a new appreciation for products that are made well and with care.

ABOUT BALVENIE: The spirit of craft lives on at The Balvenie, the only distillery in the Scottish Highlands that maintains the Five Rare Crafts of whisky making. This commitment to craftsmanship brings invaluable skill, knowledge, experience and passion to every stage of the process through the hands of our dedicated craftsmen. In a world of automation, The Balvenie maintains its distinctive character, and its heart.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.

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Meet the Makers: Whisky and Leather Event

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