The Darwin Challenge: Small Acts With Big Impacts

Sydney || Australia

Chris Darwin aims to halt the global mass extinction of species. It might sound like a big and audacious dream, but when you consider that he’s the great, great-grandson of Charles Darwin, it all starts to make sense.

Although many of his efforts (such as creating nature reserves with Bush Heritage Australia) have been dedicated towards this goal, Chris soon realised that it just wasn’t enough. After intense research, he realised that the reduction of meat production was one of the most effective and direct ways to affect change. And so, the Darwin Challenge was born.

There’s no doubt that humans love eating meat - we’ve evolved to be one of nature’s most deadly predators. However, the increasing production and consumption of meat is having significant effects on the natural environment and our health.

Did you know that if each Australian took one day off a week from eating meat, we’d save $1 billion, a billion fish and prawns, 66 million chickens, 250,000 Olympic swimming pools of water and an area of forest twice the size of the ACT? We’d also live 91,000 years longer as a nation.

The Darwin Challenge app aims to inspire humanity to reduce our meat consumption. The goal? To halt the increase in global meat consumption within 15 years.

Simply select how many days you want to be meat-free and set a reminder. Every time you have a meat-free day, this free app will show you how you are improving your health and the world we live in. 


The Darwin Challenge App


The Darwin Challenge is available for iOS via the App Store.

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