La Mezcla: The Devil's in the Details

Los Angeles || USA

Every piece that Jon Dadon from Chain + Link designs is unique yet vaguely reminiscent of the simmering coals in an iron forge and the rough-hewn hands of a master blacksmith.

La Mezcla - or The Mixture - is made from silver chips with brass accents. This is the signature piece that got Jon started when he decided to start designing and making his own jewellery, and it demonstrates his love for mixing metals and colours in his jewellery.

Wear it alone or stack it with a bunch of other cuffs and bracelets.

To quote the maker, "The best way to wear c+l is by combining pieces together to make a look your own. Same idea as layering clothing, like adding a jacket and hat, you can elevate your style by adding multiple pieces together to compound their effect. A single piece can make quite a statement, but so can multiple pieces that seem to fit together as a unit. "



Chain + Link La Mezcla Signature Bracelet

Chain + Link La Mezcla Signature Bracelet

Chain + Link La Mezcla Signature Bracelet

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