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July 23, 2019 · On Our Radar

The Conscientious Coffee Cup Made from Coffee

Sydney || Australia

Wanna save the environment every time you have a coffee? Hell yeah, you do! That’s why you’re going to love HuskeeCup - the brilliant fever dream of five coffee lovers, makers and growers from Australia.

Every year during harvest season, thousands of tonnes of organic waste (aka. husk) is produced as a result of processing coffee. Previously, husk has been used as fertiliser supplements and even a carbonised fuel source. Realistically though, there hasn’t been any economically viable or sustainable way of dealing with it.

Until now.

HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material, but it’s also got stacks of features that honestly just make it a great cup to drink from. The ergonomic design is super comfy to hold and keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

It gets better though. The cups and saucers have a “hill and valley” locking system which means they snap together (no more spillage) while also allowing water to drain completely after a wash. Oh, and apparently it also helps milk integration and thermal dispersion - pretty cool, right?

Possibly the best part about HuskeeCup though, is HuskeeSwap. At the end of your HuskeeCup’s lifespan (about three years), simply head into a participating HuskeeSwap cafe and hand in your Huskee. Your old cup gets collected and repurposed and you get a fresh one. It’s a simple and elegant solution, tackling waste one coffee cup at a time.

For the conscientious coffee lover.

Huskee Cup with saucer

Huskee Cup 4-Pack



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The Conscientious Coffee Cup Made from Coffee

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