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We're so proud to introduce you to one of our favourite environmentally-conscious companies, The Good Farm Shop. We chatted with co-founder Matilda Brown to find out more about this game-changing business that was born from a passion to change the way we eat... 

First of all, here's why we support this amazing substainably-sourced business...

... and here we dig a little deeper with Matilda! Grab a coffee and read to be inspired...

NASH + BANKS: When did The Good Farm Shop start?
MATILDA: The Good Farm Shop started just over a year ago. We had our one year birthday in September. But the idea had been brewing for quite a bit longer!

N+B: How did it all come about?
M: My mum and her farm manager have been regenerating the family farm for about five years. She was talking a lot about "regenerative farming" a system of farming which aims to work with nature not against it, and Scott and I starting doing our own research on it. Once we started to understand the benefits to the environment it was a no brainer - we no longer wanted to eat animal produce that contributed to a system of farming that degraded the soil and in turn had a negative effect on the environment. We also wanted to know that the animals were living a stress free life and being cared for. We knew the beef on our farm ticked these boxes so we put an email out to family and friends who we thought shared the same sentiments. Once we got enough people confirming that they wanted to be part of a cow share, we implemented it.

N+B: What would you say your philosophy is?
M: Our philosophy for this business is pretty simple: to have a positive effect on the planet, support family-owned farms that are doing right by the land, and give people access to delicious, high-quality, nutrient dense food.

N+B: What are your dreams for The Good Farm Shop?
M: To get regeneratively farmed animal produce direct from farm into the hands of the consumer. To have a small and transparent supply chain. To support small family owned farms that are prioritising the land and the animals.  

N+B: For those who don't know, what does The Good Farm Shop offer?
M: We started with one cow share from just our farm. We now source from 5 other small family owned "regen" farms across NSW and have grown quite substantially in a short amount of time. The biggest part of our business comes from the ready-meals, which is funny because which we started them as a way to use the least popular cuts of meat. They are all handmade by Scott, who is a chef and nutritionist. As well as that we offer some great meat boxes and a small butchery that utilities the cuts of the animal that we don't use in the meals. Which are mostly prime cuts. We have a low waste philosophy and don't waste a single part of the animal. Everything that comes to us, we use.

N+B: What makes you different?
M: Firstly, we really try to have great friendly service. That's important to us. We want this to be a good experience for people all round. Our 5 star rating on Google reflects that. But mostly, we want people to have access to convenient food that is made slow, using organic and regenerative ingredients. We want to feed people the food we feed ourselves and our family and friends. Food that tastes great but also nourishes the body.

N+B: How have people responded?
M: Pretty amazing. I love seeing people light up when they hear about our business, or when they comes across us online and reach out. But the best response has been from Scott's cooking.

N+B: Why do you think that is?
M: So much love goes into his food and I just think people can really taste that. It's growing all the time. Next year we'll have our meals in a selection food stores across NSW, and I can't wait for that.

N+B: Where do you see yourselves and The Good Farm Shop in five years time?
M: We already have an airbnb that people can visit on the farm but I really want to be holding events there. Bringing people into the experience and helping them understand regenerative agriculture more. If we could all see the opportunity that there is to help our planet through this way of farming then more people would be championing it. So events, workshops, cooking classes, a space people can enjoy food in and get their hands dirty and have fun! And our meals and produce in the fridges of many more homes!

N+B: We wish you every success!

Visit The Good Farm Shop here
 and follow them on instagram here

+ watch this space to see Matilda and Scott in our new Summer campaign!

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