Behind The Brand: Outland Denim
October 25, 2022 · Conscious Living · Fashion · People

Behind The Brand: Outland Denim

Designed to uplift people and protect the planet. No smoke. No mirrors. No greenwashing. Only genuine care and consideration is woven directly into every denim piece. We discover why Niccii Kugler, Nash + Banks founder, is passionate about and supports Outland Denim...

Nash + Banks x Outland Denim - A Feel Good Gathering

The Brand Backstory:

Outland Denim started after Founder, James Bartle watched the movie 'Taken' and was introduced to an industry where people are stolen and sold for profit. Although he knew the movie was fictional, he began to research the issue and discovered about 40.3 million people are caught up in modern slavery.

After travelling to South East Asia and seeing the problem first hand, James vowed to help the fight against human trafficking and provide a place where survivors of sexual abuse could find secure employment to help them rebuild their lives. 

Drawing from a lifelong love of good jeans, and a don't-give-up attitude, Outland Denim was born. Starting with five seamstresses, they have grown to nearly 100 production team members and have expanded their social mission to include at-risk young women of various backgrounds. 

Not only are their employees working in a safe environment and earning a living wage, but the profits are helping Outland to provide education and personal enrichment programs for their staff, including budgeting, women’s and infant health, computing, human trafficking awareness, English, and self defence.

"We know each of our seamstresses by name, they earn a living wage and are given support to build a bright future for themselves. They are the reason we do what we do," says James.

A living wage, one of Outland’s four pillars, is integral to their processes. It ensures workers have enough income to not only afford a decent standard of living by covering necessary expenses, but also to prepare and save for unexpected events. “For many of our staff, this level of financial security is freedom in itself. Freedom from worry. Our staff can send their children to school, provide for extended family, and plan for the future,” explains James.

Denim for People & the Planet

Outland Denim is now a formidable leader in the fashion business when it comes to sustainability and global citizenship. Since launching in 2016 they have completed two successful Equity Crowdfunding raises with Birchal, and were Australia’s first denim brand to become B Corporation certified.

"Our goal has always been to build a brand by the people, for the people. Through this, we were able to welcome 1600+ like-minded individuals to our shareholder community, allowing us to grow our business and impact," says James.

James acknowledges there's still a lot to be done, but that they have a growing passionate following, including us at Nash + Banks, and some very famous fans, who are helping by supporting the brand and spreading their message.

In 2018, Meghan Markle wore their Harriet Black jeans during the Royal's Australia and New Zealand tour. The style sold out in just a day which led to a 6-month waitlist which then allowed them to welcome a further 46 seamstresses to their team in Cambodia. 

You can help too! if you need a new pair of jeans, invest in a pair that are hand-made, stylish and sustainable, knowing that Outland Denim stretches their profits to reach many, many different hands and helps many people, their families and communities. By doing this, and sharing their story, you can help them in this process.

Product & Packaging

Mindful of the fashion industry's footprint, Outland Denim is extremely conscious of every aspect of their denim products, from the zippers and pocket lining to the shipping and power usage. Each piece is made with organic cotton, 100% traceable denim, zero harmful chemicals, 100% vegan materials, and the most sustainable raw materials sourced carefully by suppliers who share the same social and environmental sustainability priorities. 

Outland Denim uses Print Together for all of their stickers and cloth bags. Print Together's focus is on saving the world’s virgin rainforests through using only post-consumer recycled paper. They also only use natural vegetable dyes in their products to ensure minimal chemical pollution.

Future Fashion

You can now find Outland in over 40 locations, primarily in Australia but also around the world. Their goal is to be manufactured in other countries as well as Cambodia so that they can give more vulnerable communities the same opportunities; to be producing a fair share of the denim consumed; and to be leading the way for environmentally, socially conscious fashion.

We stand with them and wish them well!


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Behind The Brand: Outland Denim

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