4 Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
February 27, 2020 · Conscious Living

4 Easy Ways To Live An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t require huge changes to your life.


With more and more people becoming aware of our impact on the environment, we’re seeing an increase in articles talking about the ways you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

However, for many of us, making the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle can be intimidating and overwhelming. It can sometimes seem like you need to make huge sacrifices if you want to live more sustainably - settling for products that don’t look as nice or work as well.

The good news folks is that the opposite is true. With the rise of passionate businesses focussed on creating better alternatives that do less harm, living a conscious lifestyle is becoming more easily achievable.

One of the biggest barriers we can create for ourselves on this journey is to strive for perfection, as it is often unattainable. The key is to focus on the things that you can do easily first and then use that momentum to tackle bigger changes. 

There are so many little ways that you can start living an eco-friendly lifestyle that don’t involve huge changes to your way of life. Small actions here and there can make all the difference - it doesn’t need to be a complicated, grand gesture.

Here are some easy and low-effort things you can do to start your eco-friendly journey.

Swap out the essentials

Start your journey by swapping out everyday essentials in your home and bathroom, and replacing them with sustainable and low-waste alternatives.

It could be as simple as switching your existing deodorant for refillable natural vegan deodorant or using these stylish cotton string bags instead of plastic ones.

It’s a small change, but one that can have a big impact on reducing your waste footprint. 

Choose pieces with meaning

It’s no secret that fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to waste in the world. And, when you think about it, do we really need that much clothing?

Instead, try opting for the Marie Kondo method and filling your home with objects that spark joy. This means looking at both your wardrobe and your house, and investing in a simple base (think capsule collections) while accessorising with statement pieces that are worthy of being treasured. 

Go secondhand

There’s something fulfilling about giving vintage items a new life. Whether it’s that sequinned jacket that can enjoy another whirl on the dancefloor or that set of wooden toys that will bring joy to another child - buying secondhand can be incredibly rewarding.

After all, there’s nothing quite like finding a hidden treasure when you go bargain hunting!

Secondhand doesn’t just mean trawling through op shops either, you can also invest in upcycled products - previously unwanted, discarded or pre-loved items that have been repurposed and given new life.

Choose brands that speak to you

When you go out shopping, look for brands that align with your values. Whether your priority is minimising waste, supporting social enterprises, engaging in sustainable practices, or defending ethical workplaces, there will definitely be a brand that aligns with your values.

Although less well-known, these smaller brands are dedicated to having a positive impact, transparent about their production processes and the materials that they use, making it easier for you to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and make an informed and conscious decision about what you’re buying.

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4 Easy Ways To Live An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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