Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
Mari & Clay GLENELG
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GLENELG Bio-Acetate Sunglasses

Mari & Clay

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Bold. Confident. Unapologetic. Command power in the GLENELG. These rectangular bio-acetate frames with defined edges provide a slightly oversized look for those who like a statement.

Great for: Oval, long and round face shapes.

Product Info

The Glenelg was named after the Glenelg River, which is integral to providing water to the north-western region of Victoria. Home to many rare and threatened species, it is a valued ecosystem for these creatures.

  • Size: 51mm Eye/ 20mm Bridge/ 145mm Temples
  • Category 3 General purpose sunglasses. NOT SUITABLE FOR DRIVING IN TWILIGHT OR AT NIGHT
  • Bio-Acetate Frames
  • Polarised lenses. 100% UV protection
  • Five-barrel stainless steel hinges
  • All Mari & Clay frames can be fitted with prescription lenses


  • Micro-fibre cleaning cloth and sunglasses pouch
  • Foldable sunglasses case
  • Signature Mari & Clay logo on tips
Size + Fit

The face's length and width are almost identical. The chin is broad and angular. The cheekbones, jaw and forehead are of equal width. The hairline is almost straight.

The face's length is slightly greater than the width. The chin is rounded. The shape is the widest at the cheekbones, and a gentle narrowing down and up.

This face shape has the same width and length with a gentle line drawn around it, without the angular features.

This face shape is again broadest at the forehead, with a gentle curve down to the chin.

Start by measuring the width from ear to ear and the distance between the top of the forehead and your chin. Then, measure both your forehead and your jawline at their widest point. From these proportions, you’ll find out if you have an oval, round, square or heart-shaped face.

The size numbers for the sunglasses refer to three measurements: lens diameter, bridge width and the length of the temples in millimetres.
The lens diameter is the width of the lens (in mm), measured from the bridge. The bridge width is the gap above your nose between the lenses.

All of Mari & Clay's sunglasses are unisex and universal sizing, meaning most face widths will find something that can fit them. If you have a pair of sunglasses or optical glasses you are comfortable with, you can check the measurements on there as a reference.
If your face is narrow, Mari & Clay's sunglasses will have an oversized look on you. If your face is average width, you will find most of their sunglasses will fit you nicely. If your head is on the wider side, their sunglasses will achieve a vintage-look for you.

About The Brand

Enjoy the benefits of both style and substance when you invest in a pair of super stylish sunglasses from Mari & Clay.

Unlike most sunglasses that are made from acetate, Mari & Clay frames are made from bio-acetate. This plant-based material limits the use of fossil fuels by replacing harmful phthalate-based plasticisers used in acetate with organic additives with responsibly-harvested materials like cottonseed and wood pulp.

These stylish frames - created by a team of optometrists - are then paired with polarised lenses that meet the strictest Australian, New Zealand and international standards, and provide UV400 and 100% UVA & UVB protection.

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Sunglasses are most commonly made of a material called acetate. Mari & Clay frames are made from its plant-based cousin called bio-acetate, which is 100% biodegradable*. Bio-acetate is better because it limits the use of fossil fuels by replacing harmful phthalate-based plasticizers used in acetate with organic additives. As an added bonus, bio-acetate reports to be more durable than acetate. Bio-acetate is derived from responsibly harvested cottonseed and wood pulp. It is beautiful, durable and hypoallergenic. It also degrades after 115 days if buried in compost soil under industrial composting conditions (verified by Belgian Organic Waste System Institute to be biodegradable to ISO 14855). All Mari & Clay frames are made from bio-acetate.

Mari & Clay are proud to have zero-plastic in their packaging. Their sustainable sunglasses come with foldable protective cases made from kraft paper instead of PU or plastic. It will arrive at your door in a home-compostable mailer from Australian-owned company Hero Packaging.

Finally, once you decide it’s time to give up your sunglasses, you can send them back to Mari & Clay as part of their in-house recycling program!

Mari & Clay is proud to be part of One Tree Planted and is committed to planting one tree for every pair of sunglasses sold. They are deeply humbled by what mother nature has provided us with and embrace this opportunity to give back with their gratitude. Their donations will go towards restoring the landscape in Australia following the devastating fires that started in late 2019. They are hoping through a collaborative effort, we can contribute to restoring 250,000 trees across the country by 2025 and repair Australia’s beautiful and iconic landscape.



  • Always remove your sunglasses with both hands and never lay them with lenses facing down
  • Avoid leaving your sunglasses in hot environments (such as your car), this may damage your lenses and frame
  • Always store your sunglasses in the pouch and put them in back the case after use


  • You can keep the sunglasses looking new by regularly cleaning them under warm water with mild detergent, wipe them dry them thoroughly with a smooth, lint-free Mari & Clay microfibre cloth or pouch. Make sure there are no dust particles on the lenses before wiping them.
  • You can also rinse the lenses with warm, soapy water regularly to get rid of the oil, or use the lens cleaners. 
  • Be sure not to use chemical cleaners on your frames or lenses and please don't use your sweatshirt to wipe them clean either!

Over time, frames can alter slightly and bow outwards because of the pressure of your head against the temples. Mari & Clay recommend visiting a professional optician every three months for a “tune-up” to have your frames tightened up a bit and all screws checked for security. Most optometry practises provide this service free of charge.
There are also simple steps you can do to adjust your spectacles. Please be advised that DIY frame adjustment is at your own risk. 

  • Too loose? Place your glasses in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds. Carefully apply an inward and downward pressure to the end of the temples to achieve a tighter fit behind the ears.
  • Too tight? Place your glasses in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds. Carefully apply an outward and upward pressure to the end of the temples to achieve a relaxed fit behind the ears.
  • Right lens higher than the left lens? If the right lens is higher than the left lens, bend the left temple arm down where it’s most adjustable: at the hinge or the bend at your ear.
  • Right lens closer to your eye than the left lens? Bend the right temple arm in and/or the left temple arm out at the hinge.
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