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Swell Gum

Did you know that most chewing gums contain plastic and synthetic rubber? It’s a scary thought when you consider putting it in your mouth! And then realise that all those plastic gums still exist somewhere!

As avid chewers themselves, the Sydney-based team from Swell Gum were horrified by this revelation and frustrated they couldn’t find alternatives. So they set about making an all-natural gum guided by traditional methods using sapodilla tree sap (or chicle) from Central America.

And so, inspired by their love of the ocean – with the plastic epidemic in mind – a plant-based chewing gum was born - that’s Swell! All-natural, plastic-free, biodegradable (both gum and pack) and teeth-friendly (sugar-free with Xylitol for fighting plaque), you can now mindfully chew away to your heart’s content!

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