Why You Should Give A Crap

New York || USA

You might not care about Trump’s latest Twitter rant, but you should give a crap about the one thing you (and your bum) can’t live without. You guessed it, toilet paper!

Hardly the sexiest thing on the shopping list, that is until the guys at Who Gives A Crap upped the ante a few notches with their premium, luxuriously soft, tree-free bamboo TP. Made from 100% forest-friendly bamboo that is unscented, uncoloured and no less than 370 sheets of 3-ply thickness (there’s no compromising here), you may say that it’s softer than a baby’s bottom!

And if saving the world’s forests isn’t enough (currently a whopping 27,000 trees are cut down daily to make regular toilet paper), 50% of the profits from all products sold are donated to improve sanitation in developing countries and build toilets for the 2.3 billion people in need of one. Pretty impressive for a little loo roll, huh?!

Dirty toilet jokes aside (for now), this is serious business. So go on, give back to your bum and let the charitable TP guys take care of the rest (saving the planet and its people that is).

Oh, and it’s conveniently and effortlessly ordered online and delivered (plastic-free) straight to your front door, phew!

It’s certainly a good roll-model in every way…


Who Gives A Crap Bamboo TP

Who Gives A Crap Bamboo TP

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