Stainless Steel Straws: Make bubbles, Not Waste

Melbourne || Australia

Give single-use plastic the slip, and slurp your way into sustainable heaven with these straws. With 500 million plastic straws used daily for an average of 20 minutes before being discarded, we’re on straw strike. Obviously. But we have to admit, it’s hard to avoid on some occasions:

Sophisticated Soiree
Reclining Cocktails (fact: some dentists recommend drinking dark or sugary drinks with a straw as it reduces the exposure to your teeth, meaning fewer stains and cavities)

Fear not socialites. These Gold Stainless Steel Straws by Kappi are super sexy, reusable and the 4-pack comes in an organic cotton mesh storage bag for easy transport to your favourite bar, dinner party and Friday night drinks. 

In FDA-approved food-grade stainless steel free from toxic chemicals, an anodised gold finish and deluxe 8mm diameter circumference, these straws make you want to suck. They are dishwasher safe and also come with a durable cleaning brush if you want to get handsy with your mouthpiece.


Kappi Sustainable Straws

Kappi Sustainable Straws


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