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250 million bombs were dropped. 80 million failed to detonate. Now, ARTICLE22 is working with local artisans in Laos to recast these bombs into meaningful wearable art. 

For this incredible collection, ARTICLE22 artisans have come together with the band Massive Attack and the Legacy of War Foundation. By transforming weapons into jewellery, this is a partnership that enables the clearing of UXO (unexploded ordnance) contaminated land and the support of the villages that have been profoundly affected by the secret war waged on their lands.

Handcrafted by artisans and marked with the art of Massive Attack co-founder Robert del Naja, each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavours and further de-mining efforts.

Each 30" silver necklace purchased clears 6m2 of Laotian landscape, helping the MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely & expertly remove some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.


Buying Back the Bombs from ARTICLE 22 on Vimeo.

Article22 Karmacoma Necklace

Article22 Karmacoma Necklace

Article22 Legacy of War

Article22 Legacy of War


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